Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Coffee

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Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Coffee

Busy? Constantly Occupied? No time to brew coffee? Does the situation above sounds familiar? Not all of us have the luxury of having a secretary to brew a pot of coffee for us every morning. Whilst eating energy bar and drinking energy drink may be the solution to overcome the lack of sleep, they are certainly not feasible in the long run. Furthermore, they are not as tasty as a cup of brewed coffee.

Fret not, get Ready-to-Drink coffees instead. Ready-to-Drink coffees or RTD coffees are coffees ready for consumption, usually prepackaged in a can or bottle. Some of these RTD coffees are almost as good as gourmet coffee, although they’ll never be the same.

RTD coffees are best drink with ice or chilled and many RTD coffee producers intentionally make the RTD coffees best served chilled with menthol-like ingredient.

These days, coffee house powerhouses such as Starbucks and UCC also join in the fray for Ready-to-Drink coffees by duplicating its gourmet coffee in cans and bottles. These coffees can be readily found in supermarkets and convenient stores everywhere. Ready-to-Drink coffees are now quite ubiquitous and mostly are also a fraction of the price brewed gourmet coffee would cost you.

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Iced Coffee Drink Recipes

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Iced Coffee Drink Recipes

Many people love consuming coffee in a variety of different forms. Not only can you easily make hot coffee, but iced coffee drink recipes are easy to make from home as well! You will no longer have to go to your favorite coffee shop and spend money on over-priced products. Instead, with the recipes explored in this article you will be able to make your tasty beverages from home.

Iced Coffee Drink Recipes #1: Shake Style

There is nothing better than a nice cup of coffee, unless it comes shake style. To make the coffee shake you will need the following ingredients: chilled coffee (1/2 cup), frozen blueberries (1/2 cup), vanilla ice cream (2 cups), half & half creamer (1/2 cup), and chocolate syrup (2 tablespoons—optional).

This tasty beverage is amazingly easy to create and easy to alter. First, you will need to brew coffee as usual and place it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day you will need to blend the blueberries and add the rest of the ingredients—purée for about a minute. Pour into a glass to serve! This recipe makes two coffee shakes.

Ice Coffee Drink Recipes #2: Iced Mocha

One of the favorite coffee drinks includes the mocha; there is nothing like a mixture of chocolate and coffee in a single cup. This recipe will allow you to create an amazing iced mocha. You will need the following: brewed coffee (2 cups), chocolate syrup (2 tablespoons), ice cubes, and vanilla ice cream (2 scoops).

To complete this recipe, stir the syrup into the coffee. Then combine the coffee and all remaining ingredients with 8-10 ice cubes into a blender. Blend for two minutes and serve. This recipe makes 2 servings.

Iced Coffee Drink Recipes #3: Iced Coffee with a Kick

This next recipe is intended for a punch bowl and makes 8 quarts, which is ideal for your next party. To make this punch mix you will need the following ingredients: milk (2 quarts), hot water (2 quarts), vanilla (1 tablespoon), vanilla ice cream (gallon), chocolate syrup (bottle or can), instant coffee (1/2 cup), and sugar (2 cups).

First, combine the coffee and hot water. Add in the sugar and stir until it melts. Allow the mixture to cool thoroughly before moving to the next step. Then, add in the milk, syrup, and vanilla. Place the mixture (thoroughly blended) into a punch bowl. Add the ice cream immediately before serving and your coffee with a kick is sure to be the topic of conversation.

Iced Coffee Recipes #4: Traditional Iced Coffee

This iced coffee recipe is incredibly simple, but is sure to be very tasty. Combine instant coffee (1/4 cup) and hot water (1/4 cup). Then add in milk (4 cups) and sugar (1/4 cup). Simply stir well (or blend). Serve over ice and enjoy.

These iced coffee drink recipes are sure to bring a smile to all involved. In order to combat the somewhat bitter coffee taste, try refrigerating the brewed coffee overnight before continuing with the remaining ingredients.






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Drum Coffee Roasters

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Drum Coffee Roasters

Many people enjoy coffee and desire to roast their own. A majority of the home coffee roasters come in one of two forms: fluid-bed or drum. Drum coffee roasters are said to give the coffee more body. The most up-to-date technology allows for most drum coffee roasters to evenly roast the coffee more accurately than previous versions. Throughout this article we will explore a few different coffee roasting drums that can be purchased for use right from you home.

Drum Coffee Roasters #1: BBQ Roaster (GEN Design 2)

This amazing coffee roaster can roast up to five pounds of coffee right from your grill. Designed to attach to your Rotisserie unit on your grill, this drum is ideal for all home roasting projects. The entire drum is made of metal, ensuring proper roasting. Furthermore, this specific drum is designed in order to evenly distribute the heat and beans to ensure thorough roasting, making your job incredibly easy. Although this drum can be used with electric grills, it is highly recommended that you use a gas grill in order to get the full benefit and taste from the roasting process. The drum itself is 16 inches long with a 7 inch diameter.

Drum Coffee Roasters #2: Hottop Model KN-8828B

Another great coffee roasting drum includes the Hottop models. This specific model, B, weighs 19 pounds and is 15 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. Not only does this coffee roaster guarantee accuracy, this particular model allows for easy cleaning. The stainless steel drum is 4 x 8 inches and completes its job relatively quietly, unlike many other roasters on the market. There is also a smoke reduction system built into this item for your convenience. Other features include temperature control, fan speed control, power control, and time control. You can roast up to ½ pound in fifteen minutes.

Drum Coffee Roasters #3: Bravi Green Bean Roaster

This fantastic little roaster can roast up to ½ pounds at a time. Furthermore, the non-stick coating allows for an incredibly easy-to-clean product like no other. This model also rotates in order to ensure proper roasting that is evenly distributed. Moreover, the computer system allows for programming for multi-stage roasting to alter the roasting specifications throughout the roasting process to ensure more accuracy and better results. Unlike many other roasters on the market, this particular roaster is so quiet you can literally hear the beans themselves breaking apart. With state of the art ventilation, you can easily manipulate the product so that smoke escapes through your kitchen vent. The customizable settings allow you to choose between a lighter or darker roast depending on your preference or mood. Finally, the safety feature prevents messes by guaranteeing the roasting process will not begin until the lid is placed on tightly. This roaster weighs 14 pounds and is 20 inches long and 8 inches tall. Coffee roasts in approximately 25 minutes.

The best thing about home drum coffee roasters is your ability to control the temperature and roasting process to ensure that your coffee is exactly the way you like it, either light or dark. Simply adjust the settings on the roaster and experiment until you find the taste that you love. Consider these drum coffee roasters when making your home roaster decisions.








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