Valentine Coffee Recipes

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Making Truly Delicious Valentine Coffee

Ah, Valentine’s Day. This holiday is easily the most romantic holiday of the year, a holiday that couples look forward to all year long. It is a perfect time to celebrate the romance and chemistry and connection that develops between two people. There are many ways to do this, but one especially romantic idea is to

sit down with your significant other in front of a fire with a nice, hot cup of Valentine coffee. This article will teach you how to make several different versions of Valentine coffee that will definitely add a touch of delicious flavor to your romantic evening.

Valentine Coffee: Using Flavored Syrups

The easiest way to make Valentine coffee by far is to use flavored syrups. You can buy these at the supermarket, or at just about any coffee shop that sells coffee materials. There are literally dozens of flavors, ranging from common ones to pretty obscure concoctions. For Valentine’s Day, though, you need to focus on any syrup that is associated with fruit.

One of my favorite syrups is strawberry. I think strawberry coffee, when added to a coffee with a lot of milk in it (like a latte), is delicious. Another great flavored syrup to add is raspberry. Raspberry has a sweeter taste than strawberry and really compliments Valentine’s Day chocolate. One last flavored syrup idea is pomegranate. It’s a bit hard to find in some places, but it is a great addition to coffee and brings a more tart taste. They don’t call the pomegranate the fruit of love for nothing!

Valentine Coffee: Whipped Cream and Sugar

Here is a tasty treat for you and your significant other. Make any type of coffee that you want. Then, place it in a coffee mug and top it with a mound of whipped cream. Drizzle chocolate, caramel, or strawberry syrup. Then, sprinkle it lightly with pink or red colored sugar. Pink or red sprinkles also work to create a festive drink.

Valentine Coffee: White Chocolate Mocha Latte

Lastly, a good Valentine coffee idea is white chocolate mocha latte. This drink is simply a mocha latte – a drink made with one-third espresso, two-thirds steamed milk, and cocoa powder – that has had white chocolate added to it in place of the cocoa. This drink is creamy and savory, and is perfect to sip with your significant other late at night on Valentine’s Day. You can add more holiday styling to this drink by drawing a heart in the foam with strawberry syrup and a toothpick. Also try sprinkling cinnamon on top of the foam or whipped cream. Cinnamon brings a sweetness to the drink that really compliments the taste of the white chocolate and coffee.

Even though these are some great ideas for you, really the best drink (or gift) is one that is given with love. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for any couple; whether or not you make special coffee, you can have a great evening that both of you will remember. But of course, as with anything else in life, Valentine’s Day is always a bit better with a nice, warm, steaming cup of coffee in your hands!



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